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Encourage Children to Love God’s Word and Memorize the Bible


Memorizing Scripture provides children with an ever-present counselor and protector.

Children will memorize something—either the philosophy of the world or the truth of the Word. Take advantage of their sponge-like memory to benefit their spiritual growth.
Why Should Children Memorize Scripture? 

You can guide children in Scripture memory

Methods for memorizing with children of all ages
How to use Fighter Verses for teaching the Bible
When memorizing is difficult: help for children who struggle

Use Fighter Verses With Children

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Study (for the whole family)
Coloring Book
(CD or digital download)

Lay a Firm Biblical Foundation for Younger Children

Verses Pack
Coloring Book
Visuals Pack

The Fighter Verses App includes the Foundation Verses for children with colorful visuals to help them memorize.

Get the App Here:

The Fighter Verses are an invaluable tool for teaching children to memorize Scripture. I have been greatly encouraged to see my kids recall verses in times when they need comfort and encouragement. This resource has sown the word of God deep into the hearts of my children. 

Susan Burk, Homeschooling Mom

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