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You Can Memorize Scripture


Is Memorizing Hard for You?

  • The resolve to memorize the Bible is a work of God. 

  • Even the most determined person needs His help.

  • God provides the will and conviction to sustain this life long habit.

Infinitely Worth It

Coloring books to help children engage in family devotions and church-wide study of Fighter Verses.


Memorize more easily by journaling the verses.

Free download to help children track their memory progress.

Bible memory has never been simpler. The app features:
  • 1,000+ preloaded verses

  • Ability to customize and organize your own memory program with My Verses

  • Multiple Bible translations and languages

  • Quizzes to help you memorize

  • Review prompts to encourage long-term retention

  • Songs and spoken verse audio

Get the App Here:

Image by Ben White

Fighter Verses Bookmarks

Follow along with the Fighter Verses program and track your progress throughout the year with free printable bookmarks.

The Fighter Verses app is a fantastic tool to help you keep track of the passages you’ve memorized, and it provides quizzes and games to help you review them....Whatever your method, review is key. The deeper you hide God’s word in your heart, the less likely it is to sneak away when you need it most.

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