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Memorize Scripture in Community


Memorize with  your church family

  • Provide support
  • Build unity
  • Encourage one another to apply Scripture in daily life
Explore Fighter Verses  Churchwide

"Having our church use Fighter Verses this year has been a great help to our whole family. It's provided good accountability to us to work on the verses at home during the week and for our daughters it's been so neat to have their Sunday school teachers talking about and encouraging the Scripture memory each week in class, providing great consistency on what they're hearing at home and at church." —Carly W., Louisville, KY

Inspire your church to memorize Scripture! Whether you've never memorized a verse before or have an established practice, Hidden in My Heart will renew your commitment, teaching a proven method for memorizing in just 15 minutes a week.


Memorize together with these resources and more.

Churchwide Kit
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Fighter Verses App

Ten years ago I realized my need to better hide God’s Word in my heart through Scripture memorization and found Fighter Verses. Since then it has been the primary way that I’ve engaged Scripture memory and was the catalyst for the creation of Verses, where we put God’s Word to music! I am so grateful for FV and it is not an overstatement to say that there is a direct correlation between their memory system and my personal delight in God through Scripture!

—Ryan Gikas,

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On-the-go encouragement, additional Bible translations, multiple languages, quizzes, songs, and more.

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