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Sing Your Way to Bible Memory

"I heard about Fighter Verses from Desiring God years ago,” says Susan Burk. Then she found the app. “It was simple and a quick start. Once I saw how our kids took to it, I was excited. They love it.”

Susan has been memorizing Fighter Verses with the Burk’s four children ages 9, 11, 13, and 15 for the past two years. Before memorizing with Fighter Verses “it was haphazard,” Susan says. “We had verses from different places, one from church, one from the school curriculum—it felt disjointed.”

She was also worried that time was slipping away. “Now, I have a plan,” she says. “I’m excited to look ahead and see how much Scripture our kids will know before they leave home. I’m encouraged by the amount of Scripture memory that’s possible for them.”

The Burks have made Fighter Verses part of their breakfast table routine, daily singing the Fighter Verses songs in the app. “Musicality was the key for us. It’s hard for me to memorize without music because I’m so busy. The songs are an enjoyable means of learning for me.” Playing the songs in the morning, and then later while running errands has cemented the verses in her children’s minds. “They all look at me from down the row when one of the passages is read in church, signaling, ‘That’s our verse!’”

Before she used the program she didn’t realize Fighter Verses were for all ages, now she knows from experience, “The Fighter Verses are for anybody fighting sin, for a child who gets scared, for sharing with a friend who is suffering; they’re for any and all situations.”



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