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The Way, the Truth and the Life Is a Person (John 14:6)

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” —John 14:6

I recently got into a conversation with an old friend who is a researcher and professor at a reputed university in North America. We talked about the purpose of life and the destiny of men. My friend affirms that all religions, if they are lived seriously, provide happiness to man. However, he attacked some Christians who had a “radical and fanatical” stance. I said, "there is no other way to reach God except through His Son Jesus." This statement was enough to end the conversation. The pride of man does not allow him to accept the exclusivity of Jesus.

Our verse contains the most glorious and profound truth ever received by human ears; truth said clearly and simply. The purpose of Jesus is that we look no further, but only to Him. In this context, Jesus guarantees His disciples a place in heaven. They have trusted Him, and even so, it seems they do not know much about faith. In fact, Thomas rushes to affirm that they do not know where Jesus is going, so they do not know the way either. Even Philip is able to insist that they want to know the Father. And this shows us that a small and fragile true faith in Jesus is enough to overshadow all our theological inconsistencies and our doubts. This does not prevent us from reaching our eternal destiny. Do you know why? Because of who Jesus is.

Jesus does not simply show the way; He Himself is the way. Yes, He shows us the way to the Father, but it is more than that; He Himself is the way. He connects God with men and reconciles men with God.

He not only speaks the truth, not only is the way by which the truth comes to us, but He Himself is the incarnation of truth. He is the clear reality in contrast to the shadows that precede Him. Only in Him can we perfectly understand all revelation from God. He is the truth that sanctifies us, guides us, and frees us.

He is also life, and without life you cannot reach the Father. We are dead without Christ. “He who has the Son has life …I am the resurrection and the life; Whoever believes in me, even though he is dead, will live.” He can renew you, recreate you, give you eternal life, life in abundance.

Christ is everything and without Him you have nothing. How can a natural man receive this? In himself, there is no way he can. But Jesus died and rose again to make a way. he is the way.


For Reflection

  1. Is Christ simply something you add to your life?

  2. Is He, and only He, the guarantor that gives security to your hope? Or do you trust something else?

  3. How can this truth allow you to rest, knowing that you do not need anything else to attain eternal life?

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