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  • Melanie Morris

Remember (Psalm 77:13-14)

Your way, O God, is holy. What god is great like our God? 14 You are the God who works wonders; you have made known your might among the peoples. —Psalm 77:13-14

I love reading the Psalms. They are so beautiful—the poetry, the crying out to God, the awe and wonder, the raw vulnerability of God’s people laid bare. They often are a comfort to me, an encouragement that offers such beautiful hope.

In Psalm 77, the psalmist is in anguish. He begins by calling out to God, begging God to remember him, pleading for God’s favor. He talks about his soul refusing to be comforted. Have you ever felt that kind of pain? Have you called out to the Lord, asking if He’s forgotten you? What deep anguish. What grief and pain he must have known and felt to respond in this way.

The psalmist asks such a difficult question—has the steadfast love of the Lord ceased? Can you imagine feeling as if the Lord’s love for you has stopped? Have you ever felt such pain that you asked, “Where are you Lord?”

In the middle of a global pandemic, when life feels difficult, when you are grieving, when hope feels far away, when you are anxious or worried, or even when life just feels monotonous and boring—you may be asking God this same question . . . "Where are you, Lord?”

After asking that despairing question, the psalmist takes a step back and reminds himself who God is. This week’s passage is the beginning of that reminder. And what a precious remembrance it is.

When we feel overwhelmed and alone, we must do what the psalmist does—remember. Remember the good things that the Lord has done in the Bible throughout human history, and in your life. Remember the good the Lord has done, and is now doing, for you.

The psalmist reminds us, who our God is. He is a holy God. We can trust Him. We can trust His ways. Our God is a great God. He is unique in His greatness. He is greater than us. He is greater than this world. We can rely on Him. He is the God who performs miracles! Yes, nothing is impossible for our God.

Remind yourself of this! These aren’t fairy tales we cling to, but truths of His power and goodness. He can do the impossible and He has done the impossible. He displays His power among the people. Yes, God is powerful. He is not weak or absent in our storms. He is ever-present and He is able to overcome.

Gratitude for what the Lord has done in your life—and throughout history—will result in trust. You can trust the Lord with today, and with your future, not because of your circumstances, but because of who He is.

This year has taught us very clearly that we don’t know what the future holds, but every moment of human history has also taught us that our God is sovereign—He holds the future, He is a great God; He is a God of miracles, and He is very present. Follow after Him, cling to Him, and remember what He’s done. Remember how He was there, even through the darkest valleys of His people, His steadfast love never ceased for them and it won’t cease for you either.


For Reflection

  1. Remind yourself of what the Lord has done, remind yourself of His works: listen to a hymn or song that is significant to you, read a favorite Bible passage, read an old journal entry or look at old photos.

  2. Actively list some of the ways that God was present in hard times for His people in the Bible, in your life, in your friends’ or families’ life. How have you witnessed God’s work? Write these down.

  3. How do you feel about God right now? Does He feel near or far? Spend some time in prayer, praying through what you’ve seen God do in the Bible and/or in your own life, confess your fears and doubts and cling to Him.

  4. How can you encourage someone else? Is there someone you should pray for or check in on? Ask God to use you to be a blessing to someone else.


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