• Jonathan Parnell

Jesus and the Book of Proverbs

In a helpful article on the Book of Proverbs, Anthony Selvaggio gives four legitimate connections between Proverbs and Jesus:

1. Proverbs and the Earthly Jesus

2. Proverbs and the Ontological Jesus

3. Proverbs and the Gospel of Jesus

4. Proverbs and the Risen Jesus

He concludes:

[T]here is also a practical benefit to recognizing that Proverbs speaks of Jesus.  Once we recognize that Jesus is the wise man of Proverbs we find a deeper impetus for embracing the life of wisdom outlined in Proverbs.  For we know that when we live wisely according to Proverbs, we are in fact living like Christ, being conformed into his image and reflecting his glory to the world around us.  The imperative to live a Proverbs driven life flows directly from the grand indicative that Jesus first lived that life for us.

Read the entire article.


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